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NK5761HD-P4/7 HV Power Supply Matched with Toshiba Image Intensifier

  • 1. For high voltage power supply to image intensifier.
    2. HV port output high voltage up to 25KV
    3. P1/P2 port voltage can be adjusted (for adjusting image definition).
    4. Perfect replacement of Toshiba original high voltage power supply
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High Voltage Power Supply for Image Intensifier

☆ Brief Introduction
NK5761HD-P4/P7 high voltage power supply is designed for the replacement of Toshiba VP33312 VP33314 high voltage power supply.
It can be used on Toshiba E5804, E5761, E5764, E5830 etc image intensifiers.
Its appearance, installation and natures of input & output all equal the original one, with good stability and reliability. This power supply could be divided into two parts, main power panel (to be set inside the intensifier) and adjusting panel.

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