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C-arm image intensifier malfunction phenomenon

The C-arm’s image intensifier malfunctions. The malfunction is mainly manifested as no image, noisy image, blurred image or image distortion, etc., or after booting, the C-arm starts normally, and the self-check of the C-arm frame is normal, but no matter what No image is displayed under any exposure conditions.
When detecting the failure of the C-arm image intensifier, follow the steps below. First put the dose meter in front of the image intensifier, press the fluoroscopic foot switch, and check whether there is radiation. If there is no ray. Then the fault is in the control circuit, and the high voltage and current should be checked. If there is radiation, use a digital oscilloscope to check whether the output signal is normal. If the waveform is normal, check the image intensifier and camera.
Then remove the camera, disconnect it from the image intensifier, and let it work alone for imaging. If there is an image on the screen, the camera is intact. Further check the image intensifier, observe the image intensifier through exposure, observe whether the image intensifier die has arcing and sparking phenomenon, to determine whether the failure of the image intensifier of the C-arm is due to die leakage, insulation material aging and other issues.

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