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Bulgaria Consulting Image Intensifier

Today newheek received an inquiry from Bulgaria for image intensifiers. The customer is an industrial non-destructive testing equipment supplier who also produces customized industrial X-ray imaging solutions. For their current projects, they are interested in the image intensifiers sold by our company, so please send us the following quotation:
One 9-inch and one 12-inch image intensifier will be used to image smaller metal and ceramic parts with image intensifiers at 40-80kV. There is no need for an interface to control the supercharger, the camera and software solutions already exist, but if we sell it, please provide them with options.
Ask if our company sells a suitable CCD MP camera (USB) and corresponding PC software to enhance the image? Please recommend suitable image intensifier models for them or send them an image intensifier catalog for selection.
Reply to customer emails: The image intensifier produced by newheek can replace the two brands of Toshiba and Thales. Which brand and model of image intensifier have you used? You can send me a photo of the label model. You have a budget for the image intensifier Price? Can you tell me your specific needs, and I will help you recommend suitable replacements.

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