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Can image intensifiers see through?

Whether the image intensifier can see through, the image intensifier is used to see through. The answer is yes, only the perspective state requires the use of a device with an image intensifier or a dynamic flat panel detector for imaging, because perspective is a dynamic process, and filming is a static process, just like the camera and video functions of a mobile phone. From the perspective of radiation, try not to choose chest X-ray or X-ray as far as possible, because X-ray is equal to multiple X-rays in a short period of time, and the radiation dose and duration are relatively long–slightly. . At present, the scenes and equipment that need to use image intensifiers for imaging mainly include c-arms, gastrointestinal examination beds, industrial non-destructive testing X-ray machines, angiography and other equipment that need to see dynamic images. Although dynamic flat panel detectors are gradually replacing image intensifiers as the mainstream, but for dynamic flat panels with 10s of watts or even dozens of watts, image intensifiers with mature technology, durability and low maintenance cost still occupy the dynamic imaging half of the country.
After more than 10 years of technical research, Weifang Huading Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. has taken the lead in breaking the international technical blockade of image intensifiers, realizing localization, and reducing the cost of image intensifiers of 10 or more watts to about 10 watts. If you have If there is a need for supporting production, maintenance and replacement of image intensifiers, please inquire and discuss cooperation matters. People from all walks of life are welcome to inquire and discuss matters such as supporting production, maintenance and replacement, and agency trade.

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