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Can we repair and replace Siemens image intensifier?

Structure features of image intensifier

Newheek’s 9-inch 12-inch image intensifier can replace Siemens image intensifier.

Newheek mainly has three models X-ray image intensifiers, which can replace Toshiba, Thales, Siemens and more brands of image intensifiers. Many customers have come to ask if we can repair Siemens or Toshiba X-ray image intensifiers, or whether there are compatible and replaceable X-ray image intensifiers.

The answer is yes, our X-ray image intensifier can replace Siemens original image intensifier. Although the appearance looks different, but in the performance, installation, function is basically the same.

Image intensifier how it works

Our image intensifier is imported. Compared with international famous brands, it has great advantages in price and high quality.

If you are interested in replacing Siemens image intensifier, please feel free to contact us.


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