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Customer inquires about the structure of image intensifier TV system

Recently, a customer in Jiangsu wanted to configure the image intensifier TV system for use, and wanted to inquire about the components of the image intensifier TV system, and reply to the customer’s basic configuration of the medical image intensifier, including the image intensifier, optical system, camera and monitor Wait a few main parts.
Among them, our image intensifier has 9-inch image intensifier and 12-inch image intensifier to choose from. The structure of the image intensifier is that in a large-diameter vacuum tube, an input conversion screen and a photocathode are set, and there is also a focusing electrode. It is composed of an electronic lens and an output phosphor screen.
When the X-ray image is projected on the input end surface of the intensifier tube, X photons enter the tube through the input window, are absorbed by the input conversion screen, convert energy into visible light photons, and cause the photocathode to emit electrons. These electrons are accelerated by the electron lens. Converges on the output fluorescent screen, thereby forming a visible light image with sufficient brightness corresponding to the input X-ray image on the output end surface.
If you need an image intensifier, you can call us, and we can also configure an image intensifier TV system.


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