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Customer inquires whether the nine-inch image intensifier can be used for C-arm

Last week, a customer asked whether the nine-inch image intensifier can be used for the C-arm? Inform customers that this is possible. The 9-inch image intensifier is used in a mobile X-ray imaging system. The system adopts a single-chip microcomputer control, using a high-frequency combined X-ray generator and a high-configuration 9-inch image intensifier. Simple operation, stable and reliable working performance, using a 9-inch image intensifier, can ensure that a clear and perfect TV image can be obtained with a lower dose, the equipment is flexible in mechanical motion, and can pass various mechanical Action, perspective and photography of the human body. Weifang Newheek NK-23XZ-x-ray image intensifier is an electronic output device that converts x-ray images into visible light images. It is installed on the X-ray television system and is suitable for X-ray fluoroscopy and radiography. The nominal entry field of the Newheek NK-23XZ image intensifier is 23 cm (9 inches), which is mainly used in C-arm, multi-function stomach and bowel X-ray machines, fluoroscopy X-ray machines, digital radio frequency X-ray machines, lithotripsy and Industrial inspection x-ray machine, etc.

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