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Newheek X-ray high-voltage power supply can replace the high-voltage power supply on industrial X-ray image intensifiers

Today, the manager C of Shenzhen ** Electronic Technology called to consult the X-ray high-voltage power supply on the X-ray image intensifier. The customer said that the X-ray image intensifier has no image at present. The customer has tested the X-ray high-voltage power supply and thought it was broken As for whether other parts of the X-ray image intensifier are damaged, the customer cannot judge by themselves. The model parameters of the X-ray image intensifier, high-voltage power supply and camera at the customer’s site are shown in the figure below:

As can be seen from the above figure, the customer’s X-ray image intensifier is TH59464, the X-ray high voltage power supply is TH7195B, and the camera is TH8740. Customers use X-ray image intensifiers to detect the soldering conditions of gold wires in some semiconductor packaging products, including broken gold wires and short circuits. Because it is an imported equipment, it has not been maintained since it was first used. If our company sends the X-ray high-voltage power supply directly to the customer, the customer will not install and debug it by themselves. If the cost is not cheap, it is best to tell the customer. The solution is to mail the X-ray image intensifier, and our company will check it free of charge to ensure that there are no other faults, and then mail the X-ray high-voltage power supply to the customer after installation and debugging. The customer agrees to this approach.

The X-ray camera in the picture above is digital, because different brands of digital cameras use different image processing software. Simply put, the customer’s digital camera does not match our company’s system, so it is recommended that the customer mail X For the radiographic image intensifier, remove the camera and store it in a clean place. Note: Before removing the camera, you need to make a mark on the flange interface, so that it is convenient for the customer to install it later. In addition, try not to debug the camera lens, aperture, focus ring, etc., once it is debugged, it is difficult to recover. Customers said they would pay attention.

Dear users, if your on-site X-ray image intensifier fails, if it is a digital camera, I believe you already know how to operate it. If you don’t know how to debug images,Please contact us by email.



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