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Customer maintenance photocathode image intensifier

A few days ago, some customers inquired about the maintenance of the photocathode image intensifier. The customer is Thales’s machine, and the recently irradiated image is a bit blurry and has a burnt smell. The X-ray machine photocathode image intensifier is mainly composed of a high-voltage power supply, a vacuum liner and an outer shell. There are many reasons for the blurring of the image. In this case, it is necessary to investigate one by one. I told the customer to test the high-voltage power supply with an instrument. If the high-voltage power supply is ok, it should be because the vacuum liner is broken. In either case, if the customer wants to repair and replace, it is best to mail the X-ray machine photocathode image intensifier to our company, and we have professional personnel and tools to perform the replacement and packaging. Because the replacement of the high-voltage power supply requires joint adjustment, and the replacement of the inner tank requires an increase in repackaging, in this case, the customer himself cannot repair and replace it. The customer said that they asked the internal maintenance department to look at the power supply problem first, and if it still could not be solved, they would send it to us for help. Dear users and distributors, if you encounter the same problem next time, please call us and we have professional staff to solve the problem for you.Transportation of image amplifier


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