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Do you know the structure of the x ray image intensifier?

Do you understand the structure of the image intensifier?
The x ray image intensifier structure consists of an input screen component, an electro-optical system, and an output phosphor screen.

12 inch image intensifier application
The input screen assembly includes a glass entrance window, an aluminum layer, an X-ray phosphor layer, a separator, and a photocathode. The aluminum layer is used to reflect and enhance the brightness of the X-ray excitation phosphor, and also to block the stray light; the X-ray phosphor layer uses a CsI·Na material with high X-ray conversion efficiency; the isolation film is a transparent insulating material. In order to make the CsI·Na evaporation layer smoother, it is convenient to prepare the photocathode, and at the same time prevent the Cs in the cathode from contaminating the X-ray phosphor layer.

Usually, it is made by vacuum evaporation of materials such as alumina, silicon oxide and indium oxide. It is about 1 um; the photocathode emits photoelectrons after receiving the light radiation from the X-ray screen, and its spectral response matches the luminescence spectrum of the CsI·Na screen.

The electro-optical system uses electrostatic focusing, and its lens consists of a photocathode, a focusing electrode, and an anode. The output screen is typically fabricated on the flat bottom of the glass envelope.


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