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    Toshiba power supply

E5764HD-P1 Toshiba HV Power Supply

  • 1. For high voltage power supply to image intensifier.
    2. HV port output high voltage up to 30KV
    3. G1/G2/G3 port voltage can be adjusted (for adjusting image definition).
    4. Perfect replacement of Toshiba original high voltage power supply
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Toshiba E5764HD-P1High Voltage Power Supply

Main Technology Parameters

Input 24V+1V 600mA
Output Voltage Range Adjustable Voltage      Current
G1 100~200V  140V        5~50μA
G2  100~900V    P1600           1~50μA
G3    1.0~12kV   3KV         1~20μA
   HV  28~32kV   30kV         3~20μA


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