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Fault diagnosis of image receptor

Image receptor is composed of image enhancement tube, tube container, optical system and power supply.There is a ray display without image. Take the back cover of the intensifier apart and observe from the camera. When the green light is not visible at the time of exposure, the fault occurs in the image intensifier.
If the primary voltage of the high-voltage transformer is normal, check whether there is high voltage in the anode of the enhancer and the secondary voltage of the high-voltage transformer and whether the connection of the high-voltage line is in good contact. If there is no inductive high pressure meter, a simple method can be used to determine the existence of high pressure.
Fault diagnosis of image receptor
If a piece of cotton yarn is put on the high-voltage wire, when electrified, the cotton yarn will stand up, indicating that there is a high pressure;If the conditions permit can also be used to the ground whether there is a discharge spark method to prove that the high pressure to the ground by far slowly close, the general distance is about 5cm.
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