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Here’s the night vision image intensifier camera

The night vision image intensifier camera relies on the X-ray intensifier, which intensifies the fluorescence intensifier on the tube. Unlike other TV systems, which rely on visible light as the intensifier.

The night visionimage intensifier camera (intensifier) is an industrial-technology intensifier for the field of medicine that relies on a television system that intensifies intensifiers to turn invisible images into very bright visible ones.
You must go through the night vision image intensifier camera, which intensifies the intensifier by about 10,000 times.It was for this enhancement that the industrial television was modified to fit into various types of X-ray machines, making the image intensifier television system popular.
Second, thanks to the advent of X-ray television, radiologists were “liberated” from the dark room.The doctor can perform various tests and diagnoses in a bright room.
And the image is clear, the contrast is good, is advantageous to discover the pathological change, enhances the work efficiency and the diagnosis rate.Also greatly reduced the amount of radiation X-ray, reduce the damage to staff and patients, but also greatly reduced the burden of X-ray tube, extended the life of the machine.
Newheek night vision image intensifier camera can intensifier for your different procurement requirements.

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