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High DQE image intensifier for X-ray machines

High DQE image intensifier is an indispensable component in the X-ray detection system. After X rays pass through the PCB plate, high DQE image intensifier is used to receive and enhance images. Finally, the image information on the image intensifier is extracted by the CCD camera and processed by the computer.Traditional image intensifier and CCD camera are set separately, which can easily cause signal attenuation, so that the image information captured by the CCD camera is different from the actual detection image, thus affecting the detection quality.
High DQE image intensifier has simple structure, reasonable design, convenient installation, by putting the intensifier and CCD module encapsulation in a casing, good sealing, to avoid the signal attenuation, and job performance is more stable and reliable, so as to ensure the accuracy of the test results effectively, at the same time, the operation is simple and convenient, use effect is good, high promotion value.
Newheek high DQE image intensifier is divided into 6 inches, 9 inches and 12 inches. It can be applied to different types of X-ray machines, and Newheeek high DQE image intensifier can also replace Toshiba and thales.
High DQE image intensifier


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