Newheek specializes in producing X optical machine image intensifier, high voltage power supply,image intensifier TV system and so on.

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High voltage cable with connector customizable length

Newheek is a professional manufacturer of X-ray machines. High voltage cable with connector of different lengths is also an indispensable part of X-ray machines. The high-voltage cable is high-voltage resistant and is installed in the X-ray machine to connect the bulb and generator.
The composition of the image intensifier fluoroscopy
High voltage cable with connector is usually divided into 75KV and 90KV.The length can be customized according to the needs of customers.Because different kilovolts and lengths of high voltage cables take different materials and time, the price also varies.
Ximage intensifier test
The price of Newheek low voltage cable of different lengths can guarantee your satisfaction. High voltage cable with connectorof different lengths has the characteristics of high flexibility, low noise, excellent high voltage characteristics, etc., so as to ensure the cable has extremely high voltage operation safety factor.


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