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High voltage power supply for Thomson image intensifier tube

The wiring method of high voltage power supply used by Thomson image intensifier tube is:
(1) HV potentiometer HV can be used to adjust the image intensifier tube.
(2) G4 is connected with the pump electrode of the image intensifier tube, and the voltage is fixed at 3KV.
(3) G3 connected to the field control electrode, there are three modes: conventional mode is 9 “, voltage is set at 3.2KV; mode 1 is 6”, voltage is set at 6.5KV; mode 2 is 4 “, voltage is set at 10KV, G3 is used to adjust the field of vision of image intensifier, in which potentiometer G31 adjusts 9” image, G32 adjusts 6 “image, G33 adjusts 4” image. Need adjustment.
(4) G2 is connected to the second focusing electrode, G2 is used to adjust the image sharpness of the image intensifier tube. There are also three modes: conventional mode 9 “, voltage set at 650V, mode 1 at 6”, voltage set at 580V, mode 2 at 4 “, voltage set at 720V. .
(5) G1 is connected with the first focusing electrode to adjust the definition of image edge.
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