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High voltage power supply replacement on image intensifier

Today, a customer of a company consulted about our high-voltage power supply. The customer is a trading company. He saw our products on the website and compared them with their products first. He felt that they were more in line with their requirements, so he initiated an inquiry to us. The customer asked how many kilovolts our high-voltage power supply is? Reply to the customer that this high-voltage power supply is 30KV. I asked the customer what model of image intensifier is? It is convenient for me to recommend a suitable high-voltage power supply to the customer according to the model of the customer’s image intensifier. The customer replied that their image intensifier was a Thales model. According to customer requirements, I recommended our company’s self-produced high-voltage power supply TH-30B2, which can replace their original high-voltage power supply. Then, the client asked for a quotation, said that he would discuss with the team, and he would reply soon.
Our high-voltage power supply is shown in the figure:



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