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How industrial image intensifiers work

Industrial image intensifiers convert x-rays into visible light and are used in X-ray imaging systems to allow low-intensity x-rays to be converted into bright visible light output.Image intensifier contains a low income scattering input window, usually made of aluminum, input phosphor screen, photocathode, electron optics, output phosphor screen and output window.
These components are installed in glass in a high vacuum environment. Through the enhancement effect, the structure of the object can be more easily seen by the observer than the individual fluorescent screen, whose image is dim.
How industrial image intensifiers work
Industrial image intensifier is the basis of night vision, which is the complex conversion of energy particles in a vacuum tube.
The industrial image intensifier works by collecting photons through an objective lens, converting them to electrons through a photocathode, using a microchannel plate to increase electrical energy, and then using a fluorescent screen to convert electrical energy into light and display images viewed through a lens.
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