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How is the high voltage power supply tested?

Xinhua News Agency, Berlin, May 17 (Mao Jing) The Government of the Cologne Administrative Region of Germany reported on the 17th that a cluster of new coronavirus infection occurred in a refugee camp in the city of St. Augustine under the jurisdiction of the administrative district. Positive.
A total of 300 people in the refugee camp were tested for new coronavirus. 70 people with confirmed infections are being isolated in the refugee camps, 60 refugees with negative test results have been transferred to other camps for resettlement, and the remaining subjects are still waiting for the results. The vast majority of people diagnosed with infection have no symptoms or mild symptoms.
According to local media reports, this is not the first time a cluster of new coronavirus infections has occurred in a German refugee camp. In North Rhine-Westphalia, where Cologne is located, two clusters of infections have occurred, causing infections in more than 50 people and more than 30 people.

High-voltage power supply is an important part of image intensifier. Today I will introduce to you how high-voltage power supply is tested.

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First of all, you need to prepare tools before inspecting the high-voltage power supply. What tools do you need to prepare? And what do they do? The first is the high-voltage electrostatic machine, which is what we call the high-voltage meter. Its function is to measure the high-voltage power supply. If the value of the high-voltage power supply is too large, you can not use a multimeter. , The last one is a multimeter. If the value is not very large, use a multimeter. The following figure is the scene of the high-voltage power supply inspection site of Sinovel’s  NEWHEEK

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