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How many kilowatts is the X-ray high voltage generator

The specifications of the X-ray machine high voltage generator are 20kw, 30kw and 50kw
The X-ray high-voltage generator is an important part of the X-ray machine. Its function is to convert the input power into the power available for the X-ray machine tube. X-ray high-voltage generators are divided into two types: power frequency and high frequency.
The power frequency X-ray high-voltage generator is gradually replaced by the high-frequency X-ray high-voltage generator. In comparison, the high-frequency high-voltage generator X-ray machine takes clearer pictures, the tube emits less stray scattered rays, and the high-frequency high-voltage occurs. The X-ray machine can compress the volume to a small size, reduce the footprint of the X-ray machine, and facilitate operation and movement. At present, most of the mobile and portable X-ray machines on the market use high-frequency X-ray high-voltage generators.

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