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Where is the image intensifier in the DR?

DR (digital radiography) is a general and broad term. It includes various digital radiography techniques. In 1986 at the 15th International Society of Radiology held in Brussels, the physical concept and clinical application report of digital radiography was first presented. The DR proposed at that time refers to the digital photography of the image intensifier type, that is, it consists of an image intensifier, a photoelectric tube, a CCD, a monitor, and an A/D conversion device. In 1989, CCD technology was applied to the photographic system. In 1992, Toshiba applied the CCD photographic system to the X-ray machine for the first time, thus changing the traditional imaging technology of the X-ray machine and enabling the X-ray to realize digital imaging in the true sense. After that, the first generation of CCD-based DR systems was launched in 1997. The commonly used DR now mainly uses a flat panel detector (FPD), which converts the X-ray signal into visible light in a very limited space, and then converts it into an electrical signal through a thin-film transistor composed of photodiodes, and then transmits it to a computer system for processing. . Therefore, DR is an upgrade of the image intensifier.

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