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How much do you know about image intensifiers

Image intensifiers are familiar to most hospitals and dealers. The working principle of the image intensifier: When the X-ray passes through the human body, X-rays of different intensities are projected on the input screen according to the different densities of the human tissue, and the photocathode inside the fluorescent screen generates different numbers of photoelectrons according to the intensity of the fluorescence. , the photoelectrons of the photocathode are attracted by the positive potential of the anode and fly to the positive at a high speed. The photoelectrons pass through the small holes of the anode and are projected on the output screen, producing a visible image, which is brighter than the previous fluoroscopic image and reduced in size
Many people ask what is the role of the image intensifier? An image intensifier is an electronic device that converts an X-ray image into a visible light image output. It is installed on the X-ray TV device for X-ray fluoroscopy and photography. It is mainly used in fluoroscopy machines, etc., and is one of the essential equipment in hospitals.

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