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Can the fluoroscopy of image intensification TV system be carried out in the bright room?

The working principle and advantages of the image-enhanced television system; the development trend and application prospect of the X-ray image-enhanced television system are reviewed. Medical X-ray CCD image intensification TV system equipment usually refers to the equipment used by X-ray machine and image intensifier to convert invisible X-ray fluoroscopic images into visible TV screen images and realize medical diagnosis. X-rays penetrate the human body and are modulated by the density of different parts of the body, resulting in an invisible X-ray image on the input screen of the intensifier.
With the advent of X-ray television, the radiologist was “liberated” from the darkroom. In the past, doctors had to wear red glasses for about five minutes to observe the images on the fluorescent screen in a completely dark room. When using X-ray TV, doctors can perform various examinations and diagnoses in a brighter room. And the image is clear and the contrast is good, which is conducive to finding lesions, and improves the work efficiency and the diagnosis rate.
The perspective of the image-enhanced TV system can be carried out in the bright room.


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