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How to deal with the leakage of image intensifier

In the past in the maintenance of image intensifiers, the two most common phenomena are nothing more than the discharge of the output screen of the image intensifier and the leakage of the inner tank. The service life of the image intensifier is mostly about 8 years, but the cost is considered. The customer may repair and use it after the failure has exceeded the number of years, so let’s take a look at how we should deal with and repair these two phenomena.
Image intensifier output screen discharge:
①Performance phenomenon: The main manifestation phenomenon is the phenomenon of flickering on the output screen. It means that when the booster is powered on but no radiation is applied, the output screen of the booster will flash.
②Solution: The discharge of the output screen of the enhancer is mainly caused by the aging of the insulating glue of the output screen of the enhancer. Therefore, all the insulating glue on the output terminal must be removed, and then the sealing and baking production process can be performed again to solve the output The phenomenon of screen discharge. Note: This item requires the use of professional packaging equipment, do not do it without authorization, so as to avoid irreparable losses.
2. Leakage of the inner tank:
①Performance phenomenon: the main manifestation is that the image is blurred, and the high-voltage terminal voltage drops linearly.
First: If it is a slight leakage, the output screen can be resealed to solve it.
Second: If the leakage is serious, it is the discharge of the inner tank, and the inner tank can only be replaced or new products purchased.
When the problem occurs, we should repair it in time. If it is impossible to repair, we can purchase other equipment to replace it. We not only provide maintenance services, but also develop and manufacture a variety of replaceable image intensifiers for customers to continue to use. If you are interested in our products, you can log on to view detailed product parameters.

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