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How to tune the customized high voltage generator?

Recently, some users have asked how to tune the customized high-voltage generator?
The following explains the high voltage generator
The high-voltage generator is mainly used to generate stable high-frequency inverter DC high-voltage with sufficient power under the control of the CT main control computer program to supply the CT tube, and at the same time provide the voltage of the rotating anode drive circuit; the filament current control circuit supplies the tube The filament produces a steady tube current.
The working principle of the high-voltage generator is briefly described as follows: Before the high-voltage exposure, the CT main control computer issues an instruction and provides the required exposure parameters (KV, MA, KW). After confirming that everything is normal, it sends a high-voltage ready message to the CT host, and then the CT host issues an exposure command and transmits exposure control pulses to the machine. The machine starts the rotating anode, excites the filament current, and adjusts the primary voltage of the high-voltage transformer to reach After the CT requests the parameter value, it sends the OK message of the high-voltage generator and starts to generate high-voltage supply to the tube for exposure. During the entire exposure period, the high-voltage primary voltage is adjusted in time according to the change of the tube current to ensure that the entire exposure process generates stable high-voltage pulses and relatively high voltage. Constant tube current, once the abnormality of high voltage parameters is detected, it will be cut off immediately and an error code will be reported.
The main faults of the high-voltage generator are concentrated in four aspects, namely the high-voltage inverter and transformer circuit, the anode circuit, the filament circuit, and the monitoring circuit itself, which respectively reflect abnormal high voltage, abnormal rotating anode, abnormal filament current or The circuit itself is abnormal. When analyzing and eliminating, on the one hand, according to the fault prompt, on the other hand, it depends on whether there is any damage, and burn the fuse, so that the fault can be quickly found and eliminated.
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