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Image Intensifier Market Outlook

Our company’s image intensifier consists of a casing, an intensifier vacuum tube (including an intensifier input screen and an intensifier output screen), a high-voltage power supply module and a high-voltage cable. The scope of application of the product is used in conjunction with X-ray diagnostic equipment for X-ray imaging. The image intensifier consists of an input surface, a photocathode, a cluster electrode, an anode and an output surface in a vacuum state. After converting the X-rays, the photoelectrons are accelerated by high voltage, collected by an electron lens composed of a collection electrode and an anode, and imaged on the output surface.
Due to the relatively high price of image intensifiers, they have now been replaced by digital flat panel detectors. With the rapid development of the market, now that the digital age has arrived, the image intensifier market is no longer optimistic. However, our company still has image intensifiers in stock. If you are interested in our company’s image intensifiers, please feel free to consult.Whatsapp number:+86 18953679166. Email: .

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