Newheek specializes in producing X optical machine image intensifier, high voltage power supply,image intensifier TV system and so on.

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Image intensifier repair

We often ask customers to send damaged image intensifiers to our company for repair, many customers do not understand why, now let’s have a look.

1, general consulting clients are distributors or agents, through their descriptions, reach our business here, and then relayed to engineer by business people, in the process of alienation is easy to put the original problem, everyone will join their understanding, not very good expression increases the real problem.

2. The detection of image intensifiers requires professional equipment and technology. If not operated professionally, it is easy to cause secondary damage to the equipment and even cause safety accidents.

3. Newheek engineers will give the most professional judgment after direct inspection. If maintenance is needed later, they will also give the most appropriate maintenance plan according to specific models and parameters, so as to avoid the intermediate parameter acquisition.

4. The detection of image intensifier is free, and the customer only needs to pay the shipping cost, which is relatively low.

Newheek products image intensifier for more than 20 years, we use professional for you to test, repair or replace the new machine, you can trust your machine to us, after the test we will send the results to you, whether to repair or replace your own decision, we are responsible for giving you the most satisfactory solution.

Newheek specializes in the manufacture and maintenance of X-ray image intensifiers. If you are interested, please contact us.

Composition of image intensifier television system

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