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Whether the defective tank vacuum of image intensifier can be repaired by vacuum pumping

Can the defective tank of image intensifier be repaired by vacuum pumping?The answer is no.

Some customers reported that the image intensifier appeared bright light of the half crescent on the output screen of the intensifier under the condition of power on but without adding rays, which was caused by the bad vacuum of the inner tank of the image intensifier. The larger the bright area of the half crescent indicates the more serious the bad vacuum of the inner tank of the intensifier.

Generally speaking, for this phenomenon, if the vacuum of the inner bladder is not bad enough, we will carry out aging test on the inner bladder for a period of time, that is, to supply power to the intensifier for 1-3 days for a long time, and then observe whether there is still a semi-crescent brightness.If the bad vacuum condition of the inner tank is serious, it can’t be repaired. Only the inner tank can be replaced or a new image intensifier can be purchased.

So why can’t it be maintained by vacuuming?We know that affect the intensifier of the bladder is full vacuum, a vacuum undesirable situation, if we inject purity higher vacuum by vacuum, can lead to attach to the bladder wall and other accessories fall off the impurities, these impurities easily screen of the cathode electron produces chemical reaction, and bladder gradually affect the normal screen photoelectric conversion, the tank can no longer in use.Therefore, it is not feasible to repair the bad vacuum of the inner tank by vacuuming.

So why is there a vacuum maintenance tank, in fact, vacuum is applied in the maintenance of the ball tube, the bubble inside the ball tube, can be maintained through the way of vacuum, we do not confuse oh.

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