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Image intensifier tube suddenly can’t see the image, what should I do?

Recently, our company’s engineers discovered a phenomenon in the maintenance of image intensifier tube equipment: when the bed was getting up and lying down, the image on the display showed that there were fluid objects flowing from the edge or from the middle to the edge, and finally the display turned white. As a result, the image cannot be seen clearly. (This phenomenon often occurs when the G3 of Thales tube falls off).
The reason for this phenomenon is that the electrode inside the image intensifier tube falls off. After many tests and communication with the merchant, it was found that this phenomenon could not be repaired. You can only replace it with a new inner tank or purchase a new image intensifier tube to replace it. The inability of the shadow to focus is also a common problem. So what causes it?
After disassembling the machine, there are two situations where this fault appears the most:
1. The high probability is caused by high voltage discharge, which needs to be further judged according to the specific model.
2. There is a bad vacuum in the inner tank.
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