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Image intensifier TV system triple x images

The image intensifier TV system adopts the scheme of image intensifier tube direct camera. In the process of development, the low-light-level camera, partial integrated synchronization and controller, high brightness X-ray fluorescent screen and the matching method of the whole system with domestic X-ray machine are studied. The product has high sensitivity, good clarity and low X-ray dose. It can display the image of cardiopulmonary fluoroscopy, gastrointestinal fluoroscopy, and is also suitable for orthopaedic, orthopaedics and foreign body extraction in vivo.

Digital image intensifier application

X-ray television system with image intensifier as its core can be used for both analog imaging and digital imaging. It is widely used in medical, industrial flaw detection and military fields. Compared with traditional film X-ray machine, it not only liberates radiologists from darkroom, but also greatly reduces patients’ exposure dose. The performance of image intensifier is improving day by day, but due to the limitation of readout system, especially the limitation of CCD, the performance of image intensifier can’t be fully developed.

Advantages of image intensifier TV system

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