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Image Intensifier vs Flat Panel Detector

Image intensifier VS flat panel detector, image intensifier and flat panel detector are both important components of DRX ray machine.
The role of the image intensifier, literally, is a device that enhances the intensity of X-rays, and can use a lower dose of radiation to achieve the image clarity required for normal medical diagnosis. The function of the flat panel detector is to transmit the x-ray emitted by the X-ray machine through the human body and irradiate it to the flat panel detector, convert the X-ray signal into a digital signal, and send it to the image workstation. It plays a decisive role in the imaging quality, and being familiar with the performance indicators of the flat panel detector can help us improve the imaging quality and reduce the X-ray radiation dose. It is faster than film imaging. It is digital imaging, and the filming effect can be viewed directly on the computer. Moreover, compared to the bulky image intensifier, the flat panel detector is a flat panel, which is lighter.
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