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Image intensifier What is the role of the TV System?

After image intensifier in fluoroscopy conversion X-ray photoelectron is accelerated by high pressure. It is formed on the output plane by electron lens composed of cluster electrode and anode.
Type of image intensifier
The image intensifier USES X-ray as the light source, and the object taken by the camera is the fluorescent image on the intensifier, which is different from other TV systems that use visible light as the light source.
As for your application, image intensifier in fluoroscopy liberated your intensifier from the dark room.Before doctors must wear red glasses after about five minutes of dark adaptation, in total darkness of the indoor observation screen image.
Ximage intensifier test
The image is clear, the contrast is good, is advantageous to discover the lesion, enhanced the work efficiency and the diagnosis rate.
Newheek image intensifier in fluoroscopy can replace Toshiba, thales, philips and more.
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