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Image receptor is a gastrointestinal machine

Image receptor is suitable for digital gastrointestinal machine, which adopts high-quality image intensifier to improve gray scale, resolution and contrast and make the image clearer.
Digital high frequency medical diagnostic X-ray machine has the advantages of small occupation area, simple operation, wide application range, large power, high inverter frequency and clear image.
Image receptor is a gastrointestinal machine
Image receptor, ultra-low illumination digital camera (CCD), low noise, rich contrast and high quality of perspective image, and avoid image halo, edge attenuation, image trailing and other phenomena, which is convenient for accurate diagnosis in dynamic observation.
It is equipped with medical hd line-by-line input and output TV system with low noise, high definition and high contrast.
The new design of Newheek image receptor with digital collection is the guarantee of high-quality images and can replace Toshiba and thales.
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