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Indian client consults 9 inch image intensifier

Recently, I received an inquiry from an Indian customer about the 9-inch image intensifier and camera, so I sent an email to ask what kind of machine is configured to use and whether the camera is a digital camera or other camera.

Working principle of the image intensifier is the photoelectric effect, X-ray tube after launch from the ball through the human body, because the density of human tissue is different, be different intensity of X-ray projection to the intensifier input screen, the cesium iodide through the fluorescence layer coating visible light, X rays can be converted to the visible light intensity is also different.

Visible light produces photoelectrons in the photoelectric layer (photoelectric cathode). The photoelectrons refract and focus through the electric field interface inside the tank, and then project to the output end to form electronic images through the high voltage power supply.

The inner layer of the image intensifier is the inner tube made of glass (the intensifier tube), and the outer layer is covered with black insulating tape for shading, which is the key component to realize the enhancement function.In the outer layer is the lead layer, whose main function is to absorb and isolate the X-ray which has not produced the photoelectric effect.Further out is the shielding layer of Permalloy, which is mainly used to protect against external magnetic field.The outermost layer is the metal outer box (tube sleeve), which mainly plays the role of fixing and protecting.

The input end is the input flange (input end interface ring), aluminum, fixed input end, connected to the diagnostic bed components;Filter plate, aluminum (ultra-thin, easy to scratch deformation), can be replaced by a filter grid, but the effect is poor.


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