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Industrial inspection of steel pipes X-ray image intensifier

A few days ago, a customer called to inquire whether the X-ray image intensifier can be used for industrial inspection of steel pipe materials, and recommended TH9464 X-ray image intensifier to the customer.

The customer currently uses a digital camera, and the shadow increase is installed on the side. It is recommended that the customer take a photo on the spot. The X-ray image intensifier is quoted *10,000. S Gong is responsible for the company’s maintenance staff.

Our company mainly produces 9-inch X-ray image intensifier. 9-inch X-ray image intensifiers can replace 6-inch X-ray image intensifiers, but the appearance of 9-inch X-ray image intensifiers is larger. After that, the customer brought two 6-inch X-ray image intensifiers and two 4-inch X-ray image intensifiers and cameras to our company for maintenance and inspection, and finally detected whether the 6-inch X-ray image intensifier and the 4-inch X-ray image intensifier were It can be used, but only one camera is good, the scanning system is general scanning, and the other is 1249 lines, 50HZ. The customer means that these cameras are all common before. I don’t know what system the customer site monitor is. Yes, the customer has arranged for the personnel to send the monitor to the camera because the camera has poor clarity. The customer purchased our NK15C camera and arranged it on the TH9464 X-ray image intensifier. After our company carried out continuous debugging and confirmed that it was correct, the customer took it away.

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