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Introduction of Newheek Image Intensifier NK-23XZ

Newheek NK-23XZ-II Image Intensifier 9 Inch Replacement Toshiba. Newheek is currently the only manufacturer in China to manufacture image intensifiers.

Use of image intensifiers

Newheek image intensifier has been exported to Europe, Southeast Asia, South America and Central America.

Application of image intensifier television system
Brief introduction of Newheek x ray image intensifier NK-23XZ/P3H:

The operation of fluoroscopy diagram Features of CCD Camera Image

The nominal entrance field of view of Newheek NK-23XZ image intensifier is 23cm (9inch), which is mainly application to C-arm, multi-functional stomach and intestine radiograph and fluoroscopy x-ray machine, digital RF x-ray machine, lithotrity And industrial detection X-ray machines etc.

Main Technological Parameters:

Input screen size: 230mm

Effective entrance field of view size: 215mm

Output image diameter: 20mm

Limiting resolution: 52Lp/cm

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