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Introduction to high voltage power supply for NEWHEEK image Intensifier

(power supply for image intensifier)

Everyone knows that medical high-voltage power supplies provide voltage specifically for image intensifiers and X-ray machines. Let’s take a look at the working principle of high-voltage power supplies.

The negative high voltage generated by the high-voltage DC power supply is connected to the corona electrode (cathode), which generates an electric field between the precipitation electrode (anode), and a corona discharge occurs between the Yin and Yang poles when the electric field strength exceeds a certain limit. At this time, the gas flowing through the electric field is ionized, generating a large amount of ions and electrons. Strong electromagnetic wind can be heard around. Violet corona can be seen when the light is dark. The tar, dust, water mist and other particles in the gas passing through the electric field combine with ions or electrons to charge, and move to the two poles under the action of the electric field force. Because the electron mass is small, the movement speed is fast, and the spatial distribution is wide, it is mainly the negatively charged particles that move toward the precipitation pole. After reaching the neutralization of the precipitation plate, the remaining electrostatic attraction and intermolecular cohesion are first adsorbed on the precipitation pole, and then fall along the plate by its own gravity and discharged through the tar outlet.(power supply for image intensifier)

How do you understand the working principle of high voltage power supply? Weifang Newheek has a high-voltage power supply that can replace most Toshiba and Thales models. Welcome to contact us!

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