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How should image intensifier output panel discharge be maintained

(image intensifier tubes)

A lot of maintenance chamber of commerce calls to consult image intensifier output screen discharge should be how to repair, the following together to understand it.

In the process of using the image intensifier, the output screen will flash, that is, the output screen of the intensifier will flash one after another under the condition that the intensifier is powered on but no ray is added. In this case, it is necessary to consider whether the output screen of the image intensifier will discharge.

The output screen discharge of the intensifier is mainly caused by the aging of the insulation glue of the output screen of the intensifier. Therefore, the insulation glue of the output end should be completely removed, and then the sealing glue and baking process should be carried out again to solve the discharge phenomenon of the output screen.This needs to use professional packaging equipment, do not do it without authorization, so as not to cause irreparable loss.(image intensifier tubes)

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