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Introduction to NK2012DSP digital imaging workstation system

Introduction to NK2012DSP digital imaging workstation system

Newheek NK2012 DSP Digital Imaging Workstation System is an image system that converts X-rays into visible light and transmits them to television. It is an important part of X-ray machine. It is mainly composed of a CCD camera, image workstation and LCD display, which can be matched with 9 “and 6” image intensifier respectively.

The greatest features of this series of products are: providing soft images without flickering, clear and delicate approximate film; intelligent image optimization system; large-capacity power-off image preservation; archival image management; bilingual input in Chinese and English; one-key printing output; window-type operation interface and keynote cooperative operation mode, etc. . At the same time, based on the experience of many years of matching and clinical application with the manufacturer, the practical functions such as multi-level digital noise reduction, last frame image freezing, image polarity conversion between positive and negative film are reserved, which make the system possess both the advantages of digitization and the convenience of traditional operation.

NK2012 Digital Image Workstation System

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