Newheek specializes in producing X optical machine image intensifier, high voltage power supply,image intensifier TV system and so on.

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Light intensifier for industry

Light intensifier converts x-rays to visible light for an X-ray imaging system to allow low-intensity x-rays to convert to bright optical output.Image intensifier contains a low income scattering input window, usually made of aluminum, input phosphor screen, photocathode, electron optics, output phosphor screen and output window.
Light intensifier for industry
These components are installed in glass in a high vacuum environment.Through the enhancement effect, the structure of the imaged object can be more easily seen by the observer than the individual fluorescent screen, whose image is dim.
Light intensifier’s trick works by collecting photons through an objective lens, converting them to electrons via a photocathode, intensifier intensifier USES a microchannel plate to generate power, and then intensifier intensifier USES a phosphor screen to convert that power into light and display the image as it passes through the lens.
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