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Medical X-ray Image Intensifier Manufacturer

Medical X-ray Image Intensifier Manufacturer: Product Standard: YZB/FRC0711 “Medical X-ray Image Intensifier”, product performance structure and composition: The product consists of X-ray image intensifier tube, magnetic shielding, lead shielding, built-in power supply and tube sleeve etc. composition. Performance: According to the product’s effective incident field size, output image size, limit resolution, contrast ratio, brightness unevenness, etc., it is divided into different models.
Our image intensifiers have a complete range of types and models, which can be used to replace well-known brands such as Thales and Siemens, with clear images. Our company is also the only manufacturer of impact intensifiers in China. Although the impact enhancer has been discontinued, our company still has stock and can be shipped at any time. If you need it, please feel free to inquire.
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