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X-ray image intensifier imaging technology

Since the discovery of X-ray, it has played an increasingly important role in medical imaging, industrial non-destructive testing, security inspection, fluorescence analysis and other fields. The development of X-ray imaging technology has experienced from the initial film imaging technology, to the later image intensifier imaging technology, and then to the popular digital imaging technology. Today we talk about the imaging technology of image intensifiers.
The working principle of the inner tank of the image intensifier: a layer of cesium iodide at the input end performs photoelectric conversion in a vacuum environment under the X-RAY high-voltage power supply, converting X-RAY into electrons, and the high-voltage power supply accelerates the electrons to the output screen, and the fluorescence of the output screen is The powder converts the electrons into photons (visible light), which are finally captured by the camera.
The working principle of the image intensifier: mainly using the photoelectric effect, the X-ray is projected to the input screen of the image intensifier, and converted into visible light. The visible light has a photoelectric effect on the photoelectric layer (photocathode) to generate light, and the photoelectrons pass through the electric field interface inside the tank. Refraction focuses, and is accelerated and projected to the output end through a high-voltage power supply to form an electronic image.
The above description is the X-ray image intensifier imaging technology, but with the progress of science, the image intensifier has been discontinued, and various manufacturers no longer produce this equipment, and our Weifang NEWHEEK Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.. still has stock, most of which are 9-inch intensifiers ,Welcome to consult.

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