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Newheek 9-inch image intensifier can replace Toshiba brand image intensifier

A medical device company in Nanjing asked if there was a 9-inch  x ray image intensifier. The following is a conversation with him:

Customer: Is it Shandong Equipment Co., Ltd.?

Newheek: Hello, yes, where are you from? What’s matter?

Customer: Does the company have a 9-inch image intensifier?

Newheek: There are 9-inch image intensifiers here. What is your company? Your name? What is your phone number? I need to make a record.

Customer: Yes, my name is Nanjing *, my last name *, phone: 156 *.

Newheek: Okay, I have recorded it. What do you do with the 9-inch image intensifier?

Customer: I am a customer in a hospital. The image intensifier on the gastrointestinal machine is broken and needs to be replaced.

Newheek: Did you ask the engineer to take a look? Where is the image intensifier broken?

Customer: The engineer went and said that the liner was damaged.

Newheek: The liner is damaged. If you replace the liner, it is better to buy a new one. What brand is your image intensifier?

Customer: Toshiba’s 5804. Is there anything you can replace here?

Newheek: My company can replace Toshiba, and the performance parameters can basically match

Customer: What’s the price?

Newheek: The price of the replacement Toshiba E5804 is ***

Client: Then I will discuss it with the hospital and call you later.

Newheek: Okay.

This is an inquiry from a Nanjing customer. Newheek is a domestic manufacturer that independently develops and produces image intensifiers and can replace image intensifiers of major brands. Hospitals or distributors in need are welcome to call: +86 15628738108!



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