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Newheek technical parameters of image intensifier

The image intensifier is the most critical component in the X-ray TV system, and its technical performance has a great influence on the work and image quality of the whole machine. The main technical parameters of the image intensifier include: field of view, output image diameter, image resolution, image contrast, X-ray absorptivity, conversion coefficient, etc., as well as technical parameters such as vacuum, signal-to-noise ratio, and gray level.

The field of view is the maximum input image size displayed on the output screen when irradiated with X-rays parallel to the axis of the image intensifier under the specified electrode voltage. Generally there are 5 inches (1 inch = 2.54 cm), 6 inches, 7 inches, 9 inches and 12 inches and other fixed field of view enhancers, and 11 inches / 7 inches, 9 inches / 5 inches and 4 inches / 6 inches / 14 Inches and other variable field of view intensifiers. The above are nominal fields of view. Since the tube emits point rays, and the subject can neither be infinitely far from the tube nor close to the input screen of the image intensifier, the effective field of view is always smaller than the nominal field of view. For example, the effective input field of view of a 9-inch image intensifier is about 8 inches, and the effective field of view of a 6-inch image intensifier is about 5 inches.

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