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Overview and use of image intensifier

Image intensifiers are familiar to most dealers in hospitals and medical institutions. Many dealers and hospitals ask whether the image intensifier can be repaired if it is broken. The answer is yes. It can be repaired. Image intensifiers There are many reasons why it is broken. This needs to be tested, because the cost of changing an image intensifier is too high. The broken ones are basically repaired first, but the ones that are not repaired can only be bought with new ones.

What is the working principle of the image intensifier?

In short, it is the photoelectric effect. The input screen converts the received X-ray image into a visible light image, which is converted into an electronic image by the photocathode of the input screen. The electronic image is then converted into a visible light image by the output screen to form the imaging principle.

What is the purpose of the image intensifier?

Its main purpose is to change the X-ray invisible light into visible light, which is convenient for the camera to take pictures. It can be used in the hospital, the vertical lens, the gastrointestinal machine, and the lithotripter. It is mainly used for non-destructive testing in industry.

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