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Precautions before using the x ray image intensifier

Precautions before using the x ray image intensifier
1. Please confirm the grounding of the X-ray machine and the grounding of the image intensifier. All conductors with yellow / green insulation are protective grounding wires, which are marks of protective grounding terminals.
2. Do not attempt to modify the image intensifier.
3. The protective ground wire of the image intensifier should be connected to a dedicated grounding device, or to the ground terminal of the host, and do not replace it with a power zero line.
4. The ground of the 24V low-voltage power supply is connected by the AC terminal. Please connect the ground terminal when connecting the input power.
5. Please stay away from the magnetic field, otherwise it will seriously affect the normal operation of the booster.
6. Iron-based metals are used on the image intensifier. If a magnetic field is applied, it will become magnetic. So please do not use a magnetic screwdriver. In addition, if it is magnetized, please use a decreasing AC magnetic field to fully demagnetize it before use. However, please note that after demagnetization, the focus of the image intensifier will deviate slightly.
7. When the image intensifier is working, high voltage will be added to each electrode terminal and the output terminal of the power supply, so please never touch it when working. Please be careful to prevent damage to the cable. The power box on the tube container is connected with cables and various terminals to supply high voltage up to 30kV. When inspecting by a technician with sufficient professional knowledge, if you want to touch the terminal part, you must cut off the power and discharge the charging capacitor.



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