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Precautions for handling and maintenance of X ray image intensifier

Precautions for handling and maintenance of X ray image intensifier

  1. Points to note when handling:

Please remove the booster from the device during transportation, and remove all accessories such as optical system, TV camera, lens, etc. from the booster. After putting the intensifier in the packaging bag, place the intensifier horizontally into the shipping box and fully protect it before handling. When transporting, please keep the central axis of the booster in a horizontal state for transportation. Do not leave the center of the input end of the booster (that is, the end with an aluminum plate) on the uneven protrusion as a fulcrum. Cause the booster to break or even explode!

  1. Maintenance and care

Please regularly check the dust on the output screen glass of the X ray image intensifier. Due to electrostatic adsorption, use a

After a period of time, it is possible to attract dust and affect the image clarity. This is not certain, but it has a great relationship with the use environment. It has not been used for a period of time. When it is put into use again, please make sure that the image intensifier can work normally and work safely. If the output screen shows signs of mildew and discoloration, please clear it before use. Do not use organic solvents (such as alcohol, ether, gasoline, etc.) to wipe the outer shell of the image intensifier, otherwise it may cause the paint surface to fall off, but damage the appearance.



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