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Principle of image intensifier

image intensifier fluoroscopy

Image Intensifier can convert and enhanc the images

  1. The input screen of the image intensifier converts the received X-ray image into visible light, and from the photocathode of the input screen into electronic image.
  2. Photoelectrons focus, accelerate and impact under a certain role, and ultimately form a reduced, inverted electronic image on the output screen.
  3. Electronic image is converted from output screen to visible image, and the brightness of output screen will be higher under a certain role.
  4. In order to facilitate X-ray camera photography, image intensifier tubes are mainly used to improve image brightness.
  5. In fluoroscopy, it is necessary to magnify the part where the problem is found and then observe it carefully. Variable field of view enhancement tube can meet this requirement.

The brightness of X-ray fluorescent screen is very weak, so it is not suitable to use TV camera for image capture directly. The most reasonable way is to use image intensifier to convert X-ray image into visible light image and increase its brightness thousands of times, then take a video.

Image intensifier TV system performance features


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