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Purpose of image intensifier

X ray image intensifier is composed of image intensifier tube, tube container, power supply and related supporting parts.
Because perspective in the darkroom is difficult, and because the brightness on the screen is so low, it is hoped that a device could increase the brightness and free doctors from “darkness”. Then the structure of the image intensifier with practical value is put forward. The TV can be combined on the image tube to form an X-ray TV system to realize visible light perspective.
Purpose of image intensifier
The Newheek image intensifier is divided into several types and sizes, and has been well received by customers.
The image intensifier should be packed and transported in cartons or wooden cases. The equipment is properly clamped in the case. Suitable for long distance transport.The marks and marks shall be printed or posted in a prominent place in the packing box and shall not be discoloured or removed easily.
The Newheek image intensifier can meet your different purchasing needs.


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