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Repair H7195 X-ray high voltage power supply when discharge occurs high voltage power supply

Not long ago, the X-ray high-voltage power supply of an image intensifier in a hospital ignited when it was turned on. The customer found our company asked if the situation could be repaired. The customer’s X-ray high-voltage power supply model. Dear users, if your equipment has this problem, remember to repair it in time. The best way is to replace it with a new X-ray high-voltage power supply in time.Otherwise, the longer it is, the other parts will be damaged.

In view of the customer’s situation, because we were not on site and did not see any malfunctions, if the customer wants to repair it, it is recommended to mail it directly. Our company is responsible for detecting the cause of the failure free of charge, and judging whether it can be repaired based on the result. In addition to the X-ray high-voltage power supply, the image intensifier also has a key component of the inner tank. If the X-ray high-voltage power supply is on fire for a long time, the inner tank may also be burned out. Therefore, if the power supply is damaged, verify it. Whether the inner tank is damaged. The customer said that the engineer had checked it, and the inner tank was ok, but the image flickered when the X-ray high-voltage power supply was on fire. The sparking point of the X-ray high voltage power supply is mainly the red high voltage end in the picture.

In addition, our company specializes in producing various Vertical, mobile chest film racks, X-ray exposure hand brakes, various types of x-ray machines and their parts X-ray grid, if you have similar projects, please call to discuss.

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